About Me

I am an ecologist with ca. 15 years of work experience, trained in Conservation Ecology & Restoration Ecology. Besides background in academic research I have an experience in applied research and advising in practical projects. In my work I integrate various disciplined: vegetation ecology, eco-hydrology, landscape ecology, information about soil and water quality. As men contributed to a degradation and deterioration of a large portion of world ecosystems and led to decline and extinction of many species, we have a responsibility to correct these mistakes, work towards nature recovery and search for ways of co-existing with the rest of our planet. Working in restoration topics was for me always a somewhat idealistic choice coming from my personal convictions: my contribution for a sustainable use of the planet and making this world a better place. The existence and livelihood of men is inseparably linked to condition of the ecosystems. It seems to me to be the most logic choice to work in ecosystem restoration: “Follow your ideals, use your brain”. At the moment I am work freelance.