Project Altera

Work at Alterra 2009-2011: Urgente maatregelen voor habitat typische soorten; effect van bijvoeren van runderen op de N-balans; Ammoniakemissie en stikstofdepositie in en rondom de Natura 2000-gebieden; Evaluatie Natura 2000 beheerplannen; Protocollen voor SNL-monitoring; Herstel strategieën op landschapsschaal; plantensoorten gevoeligheid voor abiotische omstandigheden, etc.

Project Deltares

Contribution to the Building with Nature project (BwN): Monitoring of the effects of the small sand engine (sand supplementation) at the erosive coast of the Natura 2000 site Workumerwaard, at the Lake Ijssel coast. Diversity of the vegetation, vegetation ecology and effects of the sand engine. Assessing changes in elevation, intensity of erosion processes. System […]

Project WUR

Supervision ecological study (WUR, 2013) Due to prolonged drought periods and periodical decrease of groundwater levels the polder nature areas with fen ecosystems on floating mats (remnants of large fen mires) receive river water with an increased salinity compared to ambient levels. This affects the competitive abilities of fresh water fen systems and may cause […]

Project Nature2000

Development of a vision for a sustainable hydrological restoration of Natura 2000 site Calowanie Fen in Poland. Project for Wetland Conservation Center (CMok) 2014.

Project Arcadis

Analysis of the sediment seed bank in the aquatic (lake) system – a feasibility study for using sediment transport for the facilitation of aquatic vegetation development in Lake IJssel. Project for Arcadis, 2013.