Advising and assistance

in planning, design, monitoring and evaluation of ecosystem restoration, nature restoration / ecological restoration and nature development, services:

  • Using the concept of ecosystem restoration and ecological restoration principles;
  • Restoration of ecosystem functions and ecosystem services;
  • Nature development on (former) agricultural land, in an urban or industrial setting;
  • Habitat compensation – design and evaluation;
  • Practical implementations of biodiversity conservation strategies, using multi-species groups and a multi-trophic approach;
  • Advising on implementation of PAS measures (counteracting the negative effects of Nitrogen deposition) in wet nature;
  • Re-introduction of species and bio-chemical modifications.

Landscape Ecological System Analysis

using the LESA method – short called ‘system analysis’ Feasibility studies, regarding the restoration prospects and constraints, often a first step in a restoration project, services:

  • LESA analysis;  [Link]
  • Eco-hydrological analysis (qualitative), e.g. for feasibility studies;
  • Historical analysis for assessment of site potential;
  • Formulating restoration strategies for protected areas (habitats and species).

Applied research

monitoring in the field of plant ecology, vegetation ecology & nature management, services:

  • Ecological research on the processes in vegetation, soil, ecohydrological factors, relevant for nature conservation and nature management decisions;
  • Practical field knowledge and determination of plant species;
  • Knowledge of wetlands, peatlands, fen and bogs ecology, fen meadows and wet meadows, groundwater depending systems;
  • Monitoring: planning, carrying out and evaluation of monitoring results;
  • Testing / adapting cutting edge restoration methods or research techniques to wetland or peatland ecosystems;
  • Assessment and mapping the risks of invasive alien species (IAS) in nature areas, in degraded or restored systems;
  • Project Evaluation – monitoring and assessment of restoration projects outcomes or review of proposals (applied or scientific);
  • Analysis of ecosystem services – qualitative or semi-quantitative.

Policy analysis

and policy implementation analysis focused on ecosystem restoration or ecosystem management, services:

  • Identification of relevant policies and their impact on e.g. restoration objectives and nature management;
  • Communication with different stakeholder’s groups;
  • Presentations and communication of results;
  • Workshop facilitation.

What else do we provide

  • An interdisciplinary approach, based on both scientific and practical field knowledge. Because of various professional experiences and interdisciplinary knowledge , I offer “out of the box” thinking. In my work I strive for a high quality of results, as well as respecting the scope of the project and (time) planning.
  • Pioneer’s enthusiasm: personal commitment, an open mind, and continuous development. Enthusiasm for nature and for knowledge drives me to pursue ever higher standards. Non-less important are for me the principles of scientific objectivity, transparency and professional ethics.
  • Advantage of small: personal contact, flexibility and transparency. As a small entity, I am flexible and often low-cost. Good contact and communication with the client is essential for the quality of the results, and is straight-forward and personal. As an independent freelance consultant, I have an advantage of a fresh and non-routine perspective. Finally, an advantage of small is a competitive price.